单反拍摄~Any suggestions?

1. Excellent! I got several new friends on lofter. And it's interesting to get to know a person by the contents in his backpack. Listening to all those beautiful dreams is great.

2. Always try to figure out things from its underlying meaning instead of the surface.

3. WOW, I got a super cool mini Huble. And I built a weird device for my partner.

4. Tomorrow's goal is to make full use of my time instead of looking around and chatting.

1. Surprise! In the second summer vacation here at efz, I finally challenged myself and get involved in an overseas course. I'm always excited about new things ,so it has been wonderful to meet Gary, and all of you guys. Courses aren't all about the teacher talking,and the students listening. It can certainly be fun an active. And that's the big surprise today for me.

2. Life is a complicated process of eternal learning, and everything we do now, may contribute to our future life. And this can typically be applied to design thinking . It's abstract, but it may play a even more important role in forming an individual's creativity.  So, a curious heart and passion may be two of the factors that are most valuable for us. And right now we're trying to train ourselves to reach a higher level through this course.

3. I think the best way to contribute to the class is to participate in it,and to really like it. One should devote oneself fully into a class,and then he may receive the most rewarding and meaningful experience.

4. Today we got randomly seated, and grouped with people with different backgrounds from different ages. Tomorrow, my goal is to develop leadership in my small area, and to come up with some really good ideas. I must take full advantage of what the obstacles that come in my way teach me, and to be a better me.